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Group Fitness Class Descriptions
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WODz is a premier strength and conditioning program.

It is progressively designed to accommodate all levels and to increase physical abilities in all
fitness domains. Each class will incorporate a dynamic warm-up, skill and/or mobility work
followed by it's strength component which incorporates a variety of weight and resistance
based movements adopted from multiple realms. The class concludes with an upper intensity
conditioning as well as a core focused element.

Success is expected being derived from detailed programming, attention to technique and a
strong support system backed by fellow gym goers.

This is your complete exercise routine in one.

Helpful Resources:

These videos include common movements used in WODz class.  The movements will see are
in their "true form," some more advanced than others.  Do note that safely progressing you to
the level you wish to achieve is the number one priority.

Common Skills
Common Barbell Movements
Common Body Weight Movements
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From hot yoga to Ariel yoga There are a number of styles available today.  The yoga we bring
to you is the most simple and to the point style you may find.  The purpose of the class is to
increase range of motion, flexibility and body alignment and works through concepts ideal for
the "everyday athlete."  

To the weekend 5k runner or urban-athoner and to the after work weight lifter or the
recreational adult league racquetball player, this yoga is for you and can be your missing link to
performing like you know you can!  

Yoga mats are welcome but not required.