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Northern Barbell
Northern Barbell

Northern Barbell is an official USA Weightlifting club
open to men and women of all ages and skill level.

"For Sport, As Sport" is our motto - We understand the undeniable application and benefits it has in
ALL sports and are also passionate about the exciting sport that it is!

Olympic Weightlifting provides the proper strength and conditioning that all athletes need.  With the
right developmental approach, it can serve as a direct benefit to any sport, especially those that
include running, jumping or throwing!  It can also serve as the sport diversity that every developing
athlete should have with benefits that reach way beyond the competitive platform!  Physically, you
will develop speed, strength and explosive power.  Mentally, it will develop razor sharp focus,
confidence and the ability to preform under pressure!

We love what it provides and that the opportunities within Weightlifting are endless.  Its not only for
the athlete but also for anyone who wants to be an athlete.  There is no age, experience or level of
strength required; your training will start a the point that is appropriate for you and you can take it to
the level you choose.  From the comfort of your gym to the local competition, all they way up to some
of the biggest stages in the world including the Olympic Games,
Weightlifting can bring out the athlete in you!  

Our current members include middle school aged athletes up to women into their 50s.
Please call us, we'd be happy to talk about how Olympic Weightlifting can fit into your life!