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Personal Training
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Half Hour
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What is included with personal training?

Personal training is anything & everything that you choose to make it.  You are the dreamer &
we are the dream-makers.  Fitness, weight loss, rehabilitation to sport performance, we will
provide the tools & guidance to make you successful within your goal.  You are paying for more
than a workout.  We are very accessible and our trainers are always on the clock for you.
Some additional features include free open gym membership*, nutritional help, body
composition testing, additional weekly fitness programming & more.
*(with the equivalent of 60-minutes of personal training per week)

How many days per week should I see a trainer?

30-minutes 1x/week to 60-minutes, 7x/week, we provide all of the tools you need.  Of course,
goals are not achieved in 30-minutes so, we fill in the gaps with what will.  At Custom Fit, we
expect results; if you can follow the plan set by your trainer, you can be successful with the
minimum.  If you'd prefer additional guidance or require the accountability of an appointment,
you may be candidate for more.  

Can I just get a fitness/body composition assessment, learn an exercise routine or get
a nutrition plan instead of seeing a trainer on a weekly basis?

Yes!  Call us and lets discuss personalized nutrition and fitness programming!
No memberships necessary.  Appointment only.
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