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Sport Performance
Message from Custom Fit:

We are dedicated to the development of athletes in a safe and
progressive manner with the use of age appropriate equipment and
training techniques.  Athletes of all ages and levels require the
attention of educated coaches and trainers to properly progress them
during the transition from child to adult; amateur to professional.

We are committed to providing the essential tools required for a
strong future in athletics including proper nutrition, sport specific
performance, and injury prevention.

Whether it is to meet weight requirements, put on muscle mass, or to
recover quicker, nutrition must be #1 on one’s priority list. One’s diet
must match their goal; no amount of conditioning can match the
power of a proper diet.

Sport performance is dependant on a series of trained physical
actions brought together to create a final product.  Through strength,
power, speed and agility training, each movement can be isolated,
strengthened and reassembled making the skill stronger, more
powerful, faster or simply more efficient.

A career’s longevity is often dependant on the number and severity
of injuries sustained.  Injury prevention includes but is not limited to
proper technique, rotational/core development, and joint
strengthening exercises which should be incorporated at all levels of

We look forward to working with your athlete!
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